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My stomach is in knots...

I'm listening to a bunch of music 'cause I'm going to be going out to a foreign karaoke bar. This should be okay, since I'll be out with a couple of friends. The twists: 1). For those who don't know, I used to host a karaoke show for a living for over two years. It has now been over a year and a half since I've done that (gotta get back onto that horse...would rather just GO to karaoke instead of having to worry about keeping the show running smoothly). I've gone to the other KJs in our town and general vicinity a couple of times since, but it feels odd to be on the other side of the stage so to speak.

2) This is a gay bar. I've never been to this particular bar and have been assured that the atmosphere is "Gay Cheers"...a friendly neighborhood bar, instead of being filled with all of the pretentious gym bunnies and dancing queens that used to populate Studio Six (THE gay bar in Atlantic City and pretty much the only one I've ever REALLY been to). Even Studio Six (which is also now called Club Tru) has become overrun with more heterosexuals these days.

3). Having not sung in a while, and not knowing what is going to be found in the book there, I'm a little angsty (I'm also a little curious if I'll bump into any of my old regulars (doubtful, but some may be willing to go into any type of bar, gay or straight, for the sake of singing karaoke in front of an appreciative crowd).

I don't know what kind of songs people sing there, whether any of my mainstays will be exceptable (I mean, I like to play to my audience, right?). I'm used to singing for a straight crowd and singing songs about girls, perhaps ("867-5309" as an example). Will all the big butch looking guys actually be little nellys when they get onstage and burst into "Material Girl"?

I'm probably just angsting for nothing...I'll let y'all know.
Tags: gay_bar/bounce_nightclub, music/karaoke

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