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Okay...I realize I'm a bit behind the times, but...

...I finally bought the game "Kingdom Hearts" for Playstation 2. It's out of this world.

You play a young boy named Sora (who I gather is a character from the Final Fantasy games?). You choose an initial weapon to go through a couple of practice quickie levels (to learn the controls) and then Sora wakes up from a "strange dream". He's on an island with his friends and they are going to be building a raft together to go sailing. While this is going on, he can spar with other kids on the island. Meanwhile, we see a series of cut scenes about Donald Duck, Goofy and other characters setting up the main storyline and quest that Sora will eventually end up on.

There are great little secret places and nooks and crannies on the island to start you out with and get you used to finding passages to other places. It's funny. Even with the dazzling graphics/special effects (including the vibrator thing on the controller), this still kind of reminds me of a VERY sophisticated version of a Zork-type game (it is certainly a decendent of those great old Infocom games).
Eventually Sora meets up with Donald Duck and Goofy and they all have to save the many kingdoms from enemies known only as "the Heartless". Along the way, they'll visit many worlds from the various Disney movies (I've already stumbled into the "Dalmatian house" and discovered that the 99 puppies have all been kidnapped (it's a smaller, albeit extended, side quest) and I just saved the game at the first very particular Disney environment: Wonderland! I know from seeing scenes on the box, etc, that I'll soon be visiting with Tarzan, Jack Skellington, Ariel the Mermaid, Pinocchio, and quite a few others along the way (one cut scene just showed us a "meanwhile" with a number of villains...amongst them was Maleficent).

It's certainly going to keep me busy for a while, I guess.
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