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Transducers Week...

Well, this has pretty much been Transducers Week for me. I've spent quite a lot of time with them.

Okay, for the uninitiated, the Transducers are "The Transducer Players" (my former RHPS cast)...formally the best Rocky cast on the East Coast, performing at the (now closed) Harwan Theatre in Mt. Ephraim, NJ. (I was Dr. Scott for two years!).

On Tuesday, Paul and I went out to eat with Andrea and Chris Savidge, Shawn Borman and the Calendo sisters, Dawn and Kim. We do this once a month for Eat This. The website is still a bit crude, but it's getting there. Basically, we each pick a restaurant. All the restaurants go into a hat. Once a month, we pick one of the restaurants out of the hat. Once the hat is empty (this next month will be the last pick, Shawn's), we start anew (though we'll start fresh in January, since we tend to get together in December for X-Mas and New Year's Eve(s) anyway).

This month it was La Lupe in Philly. It is located at 9th and Lexington (in the same building as Geno's Steaks). You can't miss the building, since Geno's is lit up entirely in neon...and I mean ENTIRELY!

The food was very authentic Mexican. VERY inexpensive when you see the portion size (HUGE) and LOTS of choices. They also have Coca-Cola in glass bottles...imported from Mexico, so it is made with sugar NOT corn syrup (that's the REAL Coca-Cola Classic, baby!).

I wanted to try something new as is my want on these excursions (I've started getting braver and braver these days). Along with the pork tamales and chicken tamales that we all shared as an appetizer and the spicy pork chimichanga (which has humongous...I took at least half home and had it the next night), I ordered a roasted GOAT taco. It wasn't bad actually (I was willing to order it since it was only $2.00). It tasted sort of like pot roast.

Wednesday and Thursday I pretty much just worked all day at the record store and went home and collapsed in front of my TiVo. I did have a slight scare Thursday night. I went downstairs around 7:30pm to start watching The Screen Savers (and bask in the glory that is the hunkalicous Patrick Norton) and it's not "taping" it. I check the "To Do" list and no Tech TV shows are currently even listed. In fact, most of our shows are GONE.

I check the live television feed and I can't recieve TechTV (Channel 354). In fact, we seem to only be getting some of the movie channels (HBO, Showtime, etc.) and a couple of odd Pay-Per-Views.

I panic and call Paul to find out what might have happened to the TiVo. He tells me to call 1-800-Dir-Ectv. I do. The automated voice tells me to unplug our TiVo (which is our reciever) for fifteen seconds and allow it to reset itself. I do so, it takes a moment to reset itself (about five minutes, I think). Meanwhile, I'm panicking because the clock is ticking and I don't know whether it's going to be back up and running in time to get "Friends" and "Will And Grace" does so...JUST in time. With only about a minute to spare, in fact.

By the next morning, our program guide was back to normal and we had our shows taping (and no, I didn't have to miss Thursday's Screen Savers...I set it to tape the rerun at Midnight).
Then Friday night was the Hallowe'en party at Andrea and Chris' house in Philly. Shawn and Andrea BOTH dressed up as Smurfette (hehehe...neither of them knew the other was doing so). Paul dressed as that guy Bartman who caught the ball during the Cubs game. I didn't have a costume, so I pulled out my "Goth" shirt from a few years ago (the one with the cobweb design on it)...I told everyone that since I had cobwebs all over me I was Dawn's vagina...
Then, last night, it was Candie and Martin's housewarming up in Oaklyn. Beautiful house. Candie and Martin met years ago when they both performed with the Transducers. They started dating when Marty was about 25 and Candie was 16. She's now, I think, 22 (I know she's over 21).

The house was built in the 50's and had great little touches throughout. Lots of built in cabinet space, a nice walk-in pantry, an ironing board built into the wall, an original from the 50's metal paper-towel/wax paper dispenser in the kitchen, LOTS of closets.

Martin made this chocolate cake was a chocolate cake, whipped cream, bananas, chocolate chips, heath bars, all broken up and stirred into a big mixing bowl. We all dug in and ate it with spoons. YUMMY!
Today, I'm heading into the record store at about 3pm (it's roughly 2 now, so I'll be heading downstairs to shower and change as soon as I finish typing this). We are going to be rearranging a LOT of the store. I'll let you know how late I get home from THAT. The only thing I dread is that now that Hallowe'en is over that it means we'll probably already have all the Christmas music playing in the mall and start seeing all the decorations up and stuff (however, I do look forward to the Hickory Farms display being back up). I know that the lights have already been strung up on Landis Avenue (I saw them on Friday when I went to the bank to cash my check). I'm not a humbug, but it gets earlier and earlier EVERY year.

Oh! I added a new LJ friend (whose not a new friend at all, but someone I've known for many years: miskosmind, also known as Michael Nelson, my best friend in college and the guy who introduced me to pabsungenis).
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