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Snooping moms

Apparently one of my friends (I won't say who, since her most recent entry was friends-only) has had a problem with her mother snooping. The mother has recently put on "aol guardian" on her account. This will give her mother a detailed report of all of her online activities (including all the websites she visits).

I've been sending her a number of websites that are both innocuous and strange. Stuff that her mother can't quite object to her going to, but might still puzzle her nonetheless.

Stuff like: Project Gutenberg, Archie, The Gorilla Foundation (home of Koko), The Declaration of Independence and

If she is reading this, I would suggest first dumping the AOL browser when online and grabbing either Mozilla or Opera (both of which offer tabbed browsing), so that you can more efficiently browse and make it to more websites...

...I don't want to send them via e-mail, because I understand her mother is also periodically reading THAT as well. If any of you would like to respond here with some fun websites for her to surf (please, family friendly sites ONLY) that wouldn't get anyone upset, hopefully, but will also provide fun for us all to surf to, I'm sure it would be appreciated.
But first, let me give her about ten new ones:

The Game Cabinet

A Pocketful of Stars

Palace Depression

The Hunger Site

The RainForest Site


Promote Captain Crunch To Admiral

The Electric Postcard

Money Origami
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