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Dear Spammers,

I can't speak for my partners, but I'm quite happy with the size of my penis. Frankly, there's only so many inches you can add to it anyway.

It also gets hard quite easily on it's own. I don't need Viagra, herbal or otherwise.

I would rather not see the nubile young co-eds. I don't care if their with barnyard animals, stuffing dildos into themselves, if their parents are away, or if they have (and I swear, I've gotten this spam) the "biggest vaginas I've ever seen. Vaginas so big you could yell into them and hear an echo like the Grand Canyon".

Why is there never GAY MALE porn spam? Is it that WE have NO PROBLEM finding our local porn establishment and walking in and buying/renting a video or buying a magazine? Is it that we know about reading the groups on USE-NET (c'mon, there's got to be SOME straight guys downloading binaries there or there wouldn't be so many spams in the groups or so many groups devoted to pictures of females)?

And what's up with the nation(s) of Nigeria and Kuwait that their foreign ministers have the time to send ME spam asking for money?

Thank God, pabsungenis pointed me towards It's so rewarding to report these fuckers and know that they may be losing their access to their ISPs. Also, once enough of us report someone, their address gets added to a number of spammer databases and they will be filtered out of our mail before we even get it.
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