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South Park and stuff...

When I got up this morning, I found myself wishing that it was already January and the impending holiday season was already over. I think that it's just about going to kill me if I'm already this exhausted at work. We haven't even really been all that busy, but, today I just felt as if I was moving in slow motion the whole day. I just couldn't get myself in gear.

When I got home, I mostly just websurfed tonight. Paul and I had a lasagna that his mother made a while ago (it was in the freezer). I watched both the "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" and yesterday's "Real World"... I'm glad to see Katie go from RW/RRC. I can see from the scenes from next week that I'm going to be distressed to see Coral and Mike (from RW NYC2) at odds (they have grown so close during their season and the previous RW/RR C they did). I kind of think of some of these people as sort of "surrogate" friends, I guess...I feel as if I know them. I don't like seeing people that I care about having a fight or crying...and Coral is crying in the scenes they show.

Meanwhile, I'm just continually pissed off at C.T. and Leah on the Real World Paris. They are both just horrible, mean people. They are not people that I would want to know off of the show.
Tonight, we watched the season premiere of "South Park"...loved it. It was a spoof of the "gaying" of television ("Boy Meets Boy", "Will and Grace", "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" (who took the biggest drubbing)). The boys and men of South Park were becoming "metrosexuals" and Kyle, Mr. Garrison and the women of South Park were none too happy. It was HYSTERICAL! Trey and Matt certainly haven't lost their touch!
Tomorrow, I've got a movie date with Marni to watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" at the DeMarco (I've been waiting to see it with her). Oh! Starting at the theatre this weekend: "Underworld"
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