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slow business day at FYE/watched a slow movie too..., wingedmoocow says that I've not been updating enough lately (at least not with posts from my regular life, anyway).

Well, there's a pretty good reason for that...nothing much has been happening. Third Friday was kind of boring (to people who have done it before...and I know I'm not the only one who said so), with the possible exception of the "Five Faux Femmes" exhibit at "High Street Designs"...

...I already posted about Kill Bill...

...and pretty much the only things I've been doing besides that are working, reading, watching television, etc. I did make that ONE post locked to only certain viewers about what I did on Saturday night (and it will remain that way).
Today at the record store I felt was kind of slow...that may be because I didn't spend much time on a register and actually got work done (I put away a bunch of carts of shipment today, mostly). There weren't a lot of great releases today. They were either dumb mainstream stuff or it was fairly expensive. (I know a BUNCH of people who said last year that they would just wait to watch "Taken" when it came out on DVD. I don't think they'll want to when they find out that this series, which is shorter than the average season of "24", is twice the price of most season boxsets. And why? Just 'cause it's a Spielberg thing? Speaking of which, The Indiana Jones Trilogy certainly wasn't setting any kind of sales records today. Then again, if I HAD to buy them, I'd only buy the first one and leave the other two to collect dust on the store shelf. I won't be knocking down any doors to get this and neither is anyone else.

Tonight, R.J. and I rentedJackie Brown from Four Star Video (where I used to work), since it was pretty much the only Tarantino film I hadn't seen. Afterwards, I loaned him our copies of "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs" to catch up ("Kill Bill" was the first Tarantino for him).

...It wasn't bad. It was just two things: 1). Not based on a story by Tarantino, but Elmore Leonard. 2). It wasn't as fast paced or as action filled as the others.

However, I *love* Pam Grier. She's pretty cool to get to watch. I'm so glad she's survived into the 90's and '00's. I can't wait for "the L Word" to debut early next year on Showtime (it's sort of the distaff version of "Queer As Folk", I's a lesbian soap opera).
Tomorrow: I plan to just stay home with Paul for a change and catch up on stuff on the TiVo. I want to do a mini-marathon of "Justice League" cartoons, since they are really piling up on the thing. I think I'm also going to start digging into some of the Rita's Water Ice I have sitting in the freezer ("Green Apple"!).
Thursday: unknown.
Friday: I have a ticket for the Cumberland Players production of "Dracula"...expect a full review to follow, probably on Sunday afternoon because...
Saturday: I have a ticket for the Off Broad Street Players production of "Diary of Anne Frank"...I'll post both reviews at once.
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