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What year is this again?

In recent weeks, I've gotten the following ALL-NEW .mp3s:

Bangles - Something That You Said
Blondie - Good Boys (the GIORGIO MORODER mix)
Duran Duran - What Happens Tomorrow

...I'm giddy about getting my hands on these discs when they arrive at the store. Add to that the new Cyndi Lauper album coming out next month and the remasters from Culture Club and I'm in 80's Heaven (well, almost...last weekend I finally listened to the "cut-out" copy I'd snagged from the store of Madonna's "American Life"'s just AWFUL. I got it for FREE and feel cheated. I'm just going to bring it back to the store this week, leave it in the pile with the rest of the "promos" and let some other poor schmoe take it home...).
Tags: generation_x, music/generic, music/riaa, nostalgia
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