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Bad Service at Dunkin' Donuts...

March 29, 2003

ADQSR Consumer Care
15 Pacella Park Drive
Randolph, MA 02368

RE: Dunkin Donuts, Vineland, NJ 10:45 PM 3/28/03

To Whom It May Concern:

It is not often that I need to write a letter like this, and I never expected to have to write one about my experience at my local Dunkin Donuts, but circumstances have forced my hand.

I am the owner/operator of a movie theater located about a block away from your Vineland store, so as you can imagine my staff and I have patronized your store regularly. We have appreciated its convenience, the quality of your product, and the speedy service.

Tonight the majority of my staff were gathered at the theater for a special screening, and the idea of getting some donuts came up. I went to the drive-through and ordered two of the Express Dozen assortment. I paid for the donuts, was given two boxes, and left.

When I got to the theater, I was surprised to see upon opening the boxes that absolutely none of the donuts inside were from those that are supposed to be in the Express Dozen. One was a chocolate frosted cruller, one was a strawberry frosted, and the rest were covered in confectioner's sugar which I (for one) cannot eat. You can imagine my dismay. I went back to the restaurant hoping to correct the error.

When I got there, the clerk became belligerent, yelling that there was no such thing as the Express Dozen. When I pointed the sign out to him, he said "we don't offer the Express Dozen." I asked him why he had the sign posted then, and that if they weren't offering it they should take the sign down. He then said "come in at breakfast, I'll give you that. Come in in the evening, I'll give you that. At night, you get what I want to give you."

The truly annoying part of this is that I scanned the shelves behind him while waiting in line to be helped. Every single donut in the Express Dozen assortment was available; he just didn't want to sell me those donuts, insisting I take the assortment he pulled for me.

I insisted upon my money back, and asked for an address or phone number where I could complain to the manager. He said he was the manager. I then asked for an address or phone number for customer service or the store's general manager. He refused to give it to me. When I insisted, he grabbed a random slip of paper at the drive through, an old receipt for someone else's order, and gave it to me. There was no phone number on it anywhere. He insinuated that I was blind if I couldn't see the phone number.

As someone who has worked in the service industry, and demands excellence in customer service from my staff, I was shocked at the treatment I received tonight. I would never tolerate such behavior from one of my staff, and would hate to think you would tolerate it from one of yours. I have taken the opportunity to share my experience tonight with my staff, showing them exactly what I do not expect in the way they treat customers. And rest assured that I will never, ever, patronize Dunkin Donuts as long as someone like that is employed by you.

I am truly sorry that I had to write this letter, but I felt you should be informed.


Paul L. Sungenis, Owner/Operator, DeMarco Cinemas
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