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movie night...(no spoilers)

After a bit of a stressful day today at work (I feel that we are progressively understaffed for the jobs that we need to complete here AND be able to wait on the customers), R.J. (for the benefit of those who don't know: R.J. is a close friend. His mother, Terri, is my best friend. R.J. is twenty and I've known him since he was eight. He's also one of the employees at the movie theatre that Paul owns. In fact, he's our film booker. R.J. is a self-proclaimed "fag stag"...a straight guy who has a bunch of gay male friends.) and I headed up to Voorhees to the Ritz to see "Kill Bill, volume 1"

This is an awesome movie! If you like Quentin Tarantino films, Uma Thurman, Bruce Lee movies or just a great romp...go see this movie. Two caveats: as the title implies, this is the first of two pictures and yes, there is a cliffhanger. Also, this is QUITE bloody/gory, so if you can't look at THAT, don't go see it.

Uma is probably going to get nominated for this one. If not, I'll be the first one to say she's been robbed. I don't know whether she deserves the award (I'd wait to see who else may be coming out with performances before the end of the year), but she certainly deserves a nomination (though, since the second half of this picture comes out next year, that means that she's eligible NEXT year as well).

I would like to know ONE thing (and this doesn't give away ANY plot points, trust me): There is a major fight scene that takes place in a restaurant in Tokyo. I'm sure that this spot used in the picture is a set, since there is quite a lot of damage done to the place. However, I'd want to know whether this is based on a real location or if it was strictly in the imagination of a set designer. Either way, the architecture and interior design in this place made me drool. There is a dance floor made of glass (at any rate it's clear) and underneath it is a zen garden with raked sand and rocks...gorgeous! This place alone, I think, if not based on a real location but purely in the mind of the set designer deserves an Academy Award for art direction....
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