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Let me publicly thank Brian Garrison, the director of "Dracula" at Cumberland Players for casting Kira McFadden as the maid. It's no secret at work that I really don't like Kira. She's got a rotten disposition, doesn't ever offer customer service (until/unless they are already buying a high-ticket item or two like a DVD player or a console game system or a STACK of CDs/DVDs), barely ever takes her attentions away from the games section (which she alphabetizes EVERY time she's there) to attend to the million and one OTHER things that need taking care of (pricing, recall, bin maintenance all THROUGHOUT the store, etc.), and she's a troublemaker (she's constantly trying to stir up shit between her brother and his for-all-intents-and-purposes girlfriend, Heather, who is one of the managers at the store (she's in charge of recieving, but I don't know what that's actually called).

Kira forgot to ask off for all of her rehearsals and even for her opening night (which is this Friday night). She was scheduled for tonight, tomorrow night (two tech rehearsals) and Friday. She never bothered to find someone to cover her shift. Instead, she called out tonight. Since Cyndi was alerted at the time the schedules went up that Kira would have a conflict (gee, I wonder which birdy told her?), she was aware that Kira hadn't covered her shift and that Kira wasn't calling out "sick". She's being written up and will incur more wrath tomorrow night and Friday night if this continues!

I think that it may be smarter for Cyndi to find someone to cover those shifts. Not me, though...I'm going out to Millville for "Third Friday" (again, for the uninitiated, the next town over, Millville, has a great growing art community that is forming in their downtown shopping district (High St.- the main drag). Similar to First Friday in Philadelphia, the galleries in town open new shows that night (including refreshments like wine, cheese platters, cookies, etc.). It's a great night to go out and see art, see people, and shop (the shops stay open late as well).
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