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Why is this movie still so pricey? I would have expected it would at least be under $20.00 by now...if not under $15.00. Hopefully, it will come down soon. If you haven't seen it...hunt it out at your local ma-and-pa video store (Blockbuster is evil).

It's just wonderfully goofy.

If you DO find it, it would make a great double feature with Clockwatchers (that's what I'm watching right now...I've watched this movie easily over a hundred times and it's still wonderful).

Yes, over a hundred times! I used to put it on in the video store when it got to be about 7:15 or so...I knew that when it got to a certain point in the story, I'd have to start my closing's just so addictive. First of all, you've got Toni Collette ("Muriel's Wedding"), who the camera just LOVES (especially in the latter parts of this movie). Second of all, there's Lisa Kudrow, playing a different variation on the Phoebe character (this one has almost a sinister streak to her). Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, there is Parker Posey! Oh my Gosh! She's just BRILLIANT as Margaret.
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