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some of the customers at the store should be forcibly sterilized...

There really should be an aptitude test that a person has to pass before they are allowed to be a parent...

Today, while I was at the record store, I waited on a mother and son. They were purchasing a CD. The CD had a parental advisory. There was an "edited" version available and the child was young (he couldn't have been older than ten).

I asked the mother if she would prefer to buy the edited version for the child.

Now, if she made a decision and said no, that's fine for my child to listen to, I probably still wouldn't all that happy with her, but at least she would have made the decision herself.

What bothered me was that she turned to the child and asked HIM which version he would want...! What decision did she THINK he would make?
Tags: bad_parenting, customers_suck, forcible_sterilization, fye/generic, herd_mentality, illiteracy

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