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I'm in the middle of watching Sordid Lives. I picked it up today, after discovering that the price had dropped in half this past week. I remember when it was playing at the Philadelphia Gay/Lesbian Film Festival a few years ago. I'd wanted to see it then, but it was showing on a night that I couldn't make it.

It took a couple of years, but I finally found it on DVD, but I wasn't prepared to spend over $30 for a DVD of a movie that I'd never seen. I've seen it is now playing on the new all gay pay-per-view channel on DirecTV, but I hate to do pay-per-view (having worked at a video rental store for MANY years). I figured that it may just eventually show up.

I've noticed it mentioned by kevinduran and I know that we have similar movie taste, so it was time to finally grab it.
This movie, which could be described as a white trash Robert Altman film (if he didn't already make "Nashville"), stars Delta Burke (who looks DAMN good in this film!), Olivia Newton-John (well, okay, she's really just featured as a singer in some scenes and is sort of "tough"), Beth Grant (who I've loved in "To Wong Foo" and "Donnie Darko", among other roles), Beau Bridges (who shows off his hairy chest in one scene), and a bunch of great character actors. It revolves around the coming together of a family after the mother dies. It also features two different gay characters. One is a younger man who is only recently coming out, the other, played by Leslie Jordan (who you may know as "Beverly Leslie", Karen's nemesis on "Will and Grace" (though I swear he's also "Reggie Mac Dawson", Suzanne's nemesis on "Designing Women", though he's credited as "Danny Thomason" there...there are unfortunately no pictures available of either man on the IMDB and it just blows my mind to think that there are two guys out there with this same particular Southern drawl) is a mincing Drag Queen (who's partial to dressing up as Tammy Wynette) who has spent the last twenty years of his life in a mental institution.

I recommend finding this movie and giving it a chance. The DVD includes a feature commentary by the writer, producer and members of the cast and nine deleted scenes (which also include commentary).
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