Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Tweets From the Past 24 Hours...

  • 10:19 Come see @sungenis in "The Mousetrap" at Cumberland Players this weekend and next! #
  • 10:38 @southcitytheatr Break a Leg tonight! We're performing "The Mousetrap" in Vineland, NJ tonight as well at Cumberland Players! #
  • 12:52 @lucindalunacy I JUST posted that as a FB status update. Loved that line. #
  • 12:53 @techfun @lucindalunacy I love Michael Novotny and as a comic book geek, I certainly relate to him. #
  • 16:27 thanx @theisb RT @amazonmp3 Just FYI, we have virtually all of Mojo Nixon's music free for a limited time: #
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