Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Let's get something "straight"...

Names, addresses of Referendum 71 donors not exempt from public disclosure.

The above story is from the Seattle Times. Apparently, there is another Prop 8-like ballot issue coming in Washington. The people who donated towards it are losing their shit because they now know that their names will be made public (as homophobic bigots who supported this with their money). They are afraid of being "harassed/terrorized" by "the gay".

Let's get something straight: you are the ones who are doing the harassing/terrorizing by taking away or keeping away rights from homosexuals that you take for granted: tax deductions/inheritance tax (or lack thereof)/hospital visitation rights/the right to make medical decisions for an incapacitated partner/etc.

If we decide to not patronize your business, that is not harassment/terrorism. That is our right to choose where we will spend our money, just as it is the right of the bigots to spend their money on donations to remove our (other) rights.

Let's look at The El Coyote Cafe in West Hollywood, Ca. as one example. This business is/was primarily patronized by homosexuals since it was in the heart of West Hollywood (a primarily gay neighborhood like Greenwich Village/Christopher Street in NYC or the Castro area of SF). The owner's daughter (who was/is the manager of the restaurant) gave money to support "Prop 8". She basically was taking money from gay men and women to use it to take her own customer's rights away (to not allow them to get married, even though they already were at that point).

When the news was revealed that she had given that donation, it affected her business negatively as, again, the majority of the patrons were gay and now, knowing the real feelings of this woman, they no longer felt that it was appropriate to give her their money. She complained that the gays were "harassing" her because they were letting other gays (and straight supporters) know not to go to her restaurant. No. It was public knowledge that she was a bigot and it was felt that if she didn't like gays she probably didn't want/need their business. She learned a quick lesson: don't shit where you eat.

If I decide that I like Wa-Wa coffee instead of Starbucks coffee, I'm not "terrorizing" Starbucks by giving my patronage to Wa-Wa. If I decide that I'd rather have a pizza at my local establishment instead of Domino's Pizza because I don't want to give money to build Ave Maria, Florida (where the sales of contraceptives will be banned within the town limits), that's still the same free market decision. If I decide that I'd rather have a chicken sandwich other than Chick Fil-A because I don't want my money to go to "Focus on the Family", that's a valid decision...I'm not terrorizing Chick Fil-A by driving past/walking past them to go to a different restaurant instead.

Also, if you are running a business ANYWHERE where the majority of your customers are ANY minority, it's probably not a good idea to be vocal against that's just bad business.

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