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Great night last night...

I went out to Brenner's Brew in Bridgeton, NJ for the poetry slam. (some) good poetry was read, spent time with great people...

The BAD:
1)The one lady didn't let us down: yep, her stuff still sounds like greeting cards (American Greetings, not even Hallmark).
2)The other lady read her usual religious poetry (she always sounds like she's giving a sermon)
3) the "feature": read at least three things by other people (and they were LONG pieces or felt long). He was a little white guy, but all his stuff sounded like gang-banger "wigger" raps (and while some was blistering, much of it seemed to exist only to show off that he owned a rhyming dictionary). The stuff he read was vintage 1970s stuff seemingly written from the black perspective (which was very odd...and didn't help when it was obvious it wasn't from his own experience when he mispronounced the name "Spiro T. Agnew").

The Good:
1) Religious sermon lady's husband sang acapella: "In the Still of the Night" - lovely, though would have been even more wonderful with back-up doo-wop singers.
2) Bob Cook and Bob Geise both read...hopefully the other two above might take notice of their stuff and see how much more powerful it can be. Both of their second sets got much darker and left the audience speechless.

Afterwards, a bunch of us headed to the Golden Pigeon (the "Dirty Bird") Diner (edit: I was so tired still this morning, that I'd originally typed that we went to Brenner's at this point)... That's where we learned, after three of the people at the table ordered omelets, that someone at the table has an irrational fear of eggs (I guess this person would be quite happy in the land of the Nome King).

When we were done eating, the group mostly dispersed. But, Anna Vosburgh, Bob Cook and I ended up hanging out in the parking lot and chatting....until slightly after 3 AM!! When I got in my car and saw the time (I thought it might be about 1:30ish), my jaw dropped. BUT, it was a great night with friends...truly awesome. I'm only just getting up at 10:45 am this morning, but SO worth it!

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