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This Should be a good day...

I'm going to work from 10am to 2pm. (that's no biggee)

I get my check! Yay! Hopefully, I'll be able to put a little bit in the bank this week (I don't anticipate any big expenses coming up, really).

I'm thinking of stopping at that new Mexican place over by the Wal-Mart/Pathmark in Millville (gotta give every place a chance)...hopefully they can do something I can take out.

I'll then zip home, eat while hopefully catching up on the TechTV stuff on the TiVo.

I've then gotta head over to Four Star Video to get my comics (there SHOULD be a Previews out this week). I'll then wanna come home, watch some shows to clear out the TiVo (like, maybe, finally catching up on "24").

Then, tonight, I head out to the DeMarco Cinemas and I'm going to be at the theatre during the double feature ("Ghostbusters 1 and 2") ... It's only $8.00 and it starts at 10pm. I'm hoping for a good response on this one. Please, God, let there be!
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