Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Tweets From the Past 24 Hours...

  • 00:20 @cnreilly commodore 64 #
  • 10:29 @bruhinb good luck finding it! #
  • 11:09 RT @thegizwiz I've downloaded so many programs to speed up my computer it hardly runs at all. I have to download more to solve the problem. #
  • 20:22 @petersagal have you seen the first eleven nights already? Damn sequels! ;P #
  • 23:00 @cnreilly her left boob #
  • 23:07 @davidwain you reach into your pocket for a communicator and get beamed back to the Aloha by Dr. Nera Vivaldi to go to the bathroom there. #
  • 23:08 @davidwain and you head back to your mission to the third planet from Altair... #
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