Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Learning to walk again....?

I've started walking through our little neighborhood.

LAST Friday and Saturday, I did two different routes. The first was just shy of a mile, the second was about a mile/half. On Sunday, I ended up with my ankles swelling up pretty badly (they were still a bit swollen on Memorial Day, but soaking in our friend's pool helped).

At least three times this past calendar week, plus today and yesterday, I switched to the street behind us which is a smaller road capped by two cul-de-sacs on either end (there are still about three empty lots left here and fourth lot with a house almost done). This route is only a half mile or so.

Why are my ankles getting swollen again? What am I doing wrong? My sneakers were supposedly designed for walking and I'm trying to slow my gait down.

Do I just have to build up my tolerance to walking again? Does it have to do with the humidity outside (I'm trying to only go out while it's cool, not during the heat of day...I went out today at 3:30pm, but it was nice & breezy...)?

All I know is that I'm going to have to soak in a bath tonight after we watch our shows (Paul and I have saved "Pushing Daisies" from Saturday on the TiVo, and we're going to pair it with the next episodes we have saved (the third each) of "Peep Show" and "Gavin and Stacy").

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