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  • 02:23 @postgay depends on the book. #
  • 10:38 @mcpierce YES, I love that one and the A-ha one the best of the "literal versions"... #
  • 12:30 @allearsdeb - this park is so big, they should install a second Guest Relations on the World Showcase side next ... #
  • 12:35 @kravstorm can you have her sedated and placed in a dog crate for the trip? #
  • 14:40 @lucindalunacy wait. WHAT? #
  • 14:41 @dirtygert blood in her lung? WHOA! I wish her well... #
  • 19:21 is back from his walk in the neighborhood. At least his feet didn't start hurting until almost the end this time. #fb #
  • 21:37 @loveandcapes - Yes, the second panel is more family friendly, but the first is truer to the characters... #
  • 22:15 @derylykt air conditioning or atlantic city? #
  • 22:51 @cnreilly tassles... #
  • 23:04 @veronica I think the only big stories were Susan Boyle losing and the abortion doc getting killed. #
  • 23:05 @veronica on the more personal front, I finally listened to Lady GaGa...certainly very danceable I must say. #
  • 23:08 If anyone doesn't subscribe to Rolling Stone, this week's (the one with Lady Gaga on the cover) has a fascinating article about (cont) #
  • 23:09 (cont) a young woman who was an identity thief. It has movie written all over it. a distaff "Catch Me If You Can" // great reading #
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  • Tweets From the Past 24 Hours...

    00:50 @ k8_walsh just wanted to say I was on pins and needles throughout tonight's episode. Great job! # 16:35 @ paulblann…

  • Tweets From the Past 24 Hours...

    00:24 I must say again...Jane Lynch BETTER the fuck get an Emmy for her portrayal of Sue Sylvester!!! #Glee # 08:40 @ c2e2 I don't know…

  • Tweets From the Past 24 Hours...

    11:52 @ attila does it have to be a single thing for $100 USD? # 11:55 @ attila for starters, shameless promotion for my husband's books (all…

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