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  • 00:40 @lucindalunacy did you finish 2.0 or also 2.5? don't forget to watch the webisodes that aired between 2.5 and 3.0 of BSG #
  • 01:00 @bruhinb I've not read or seen either but my husband has read both. He like A&D better than DaV C as a book, too. #
  • 01:09 "Nurse Jackie" with Edie Falco isn't on Showtime until Monday, June 8, but the pilot is on Netflix Instant Watch!! (watching tomorrow) #fb #
  • 15:18 @controladdict @lucindalunacy need your new address to put a pin in my Google Earth (I'm OCD that to "visit" everybody). #
  • 16:51 just got an e-newsletter e-mail from G4 out of the blue. ATTN: G4. Suck my balls. #
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