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Strange dreams last night...

I don't remember the unified whole of these dreams, but these are scenes that I remember:

I'm in my old backyard where I grew up, but the stray/feral cats from my current neighborhood are back there with me. They are all running around and coming up to me to pet them and stuff. One of the big males starts to growl at them, as is his want in real life. Suddenly, a BIG cat appears in the neighboring yard (like a wild jungle cat...the size of a lion) comes over and chases HIM away and then just cuddles with all the other little cats and kittens.
I'm watching a movie (though occasionally, I telescope forward and I'm in the scene for a while, then the scene changes and I'm watching it again) for the duration of this:

It's a group of people I know putting on a show or a number of shows (perhaps a series of skits or an evening of one act plays). The "actors" are from all three of the groups that are around here (CP, HCRT and OBSP, some are celebrities, some are strangers (who just participate as "extras")). I know that I see Russ Chappius prominent amongst them in several scenes.

In the theatre, which may be the auditorium at the college, since it's huge, they are all in a variety of mismatched costumes which leads me to believe it's supposed to be all different shows. I almost feel like it was the audition as well as the rehearsal. Russ gets one of the male leads.

The scene shifts and I remember calling R.J. Garvey to come over and watch this movie with me. I start to name drop some of the locals who are in this movie.

Then we are definitely sitting watching the movie, but it's filmed very realistically. Enough that I gasp at various points. It's become an action moment. It's a couple of days before the play is supposed to open. For some reason, some of them have gone out skiiing. I see someone who might be James Bonner (who is a member of OBSP) out skiing with a couple other guys including Russ Chappius again. James and the others do daring, death-defying stunts on their way down the mountain. One of the guys, who I recognize as being Joey Fatone from N'Sync, ends up crashing into a tree (though not hard enough to injure himself, since he manages to put on his "brakes" fast enough). Russ ends up going down the really scary, nearly vertical slope and I see him crash against a ledge. He takes it right into his face. He gets up slowly and makes it down a little more, then there is the ground with a LOT of snow piled up on it (or more properly soupy slush). He lands in it and sinks down into the snow/slush and ends up underneath it, as if he's drowning there and will probably be left for dead.

It's quite visceral and the next thing I know I'm back sitting on the couch and Russ Chappius is amongst the people in the living room watching this. I realize it was all just special effects in the movie.

Now, I'm sitting in my old living room and Ed Harris is there. Ed is a lawyer telling me that they are going to have to demolish part of this house, because they have done assessments of the property lines between us and the neighbors and somehow this house that I lived in for twenty-five plus years (and my grandparents lived in for at least ten years before that) is encroaching on the neighbors property (and the city has only JUST discovered this because they have found that there are major discrepancies in the surveys that the city has. Of course, there wasn't anything definite about WHICH part I had to demolish, but only that I DID. I didn't understand how that was possible. Meanwhile, it also seems that I was selling the house to the ubiquitous Russ Chappius (who was apparently the guest star of the dream last night). I can't imagine that this house would be big enough for a couple with FOUR kids, but whatever...

...anyway, suddenly, I'm back WATCHING the movie again. William H. Macy is playing a character similar to the one he played in "Magnolia". He's pretty much the drunken barfly at this bar (which didn't really have the layout of "Fat Jack's", but had the interior decorating of it). In this scene, he had a crush on not the bartender as he did in the movie, but on a frat boy sitting in one of the booths. The boy was played by Jason Heney (from OBSP). I remember that when I first saw Jason sitting in the booth, I thought to myself "Oh, I didn't know HE was in this too", implying that I still thought I was just watching some weird movie...

...I remember that there was some kind of karaoke going on in another room of the bar (the singers were never on screen, but you could hear the host calling people up to sing and music playing). The bartender, a young blonde girl with tits out to there went over to break the news to Jason that this old chicken hawk had a thing for him (it's funny, Jason is in his late twenties, but somehow, in my dream he was still a teenager).

That's roughly where I woke up...
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