Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
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Tweets From the Past 24 Hours...

  • 10:09 @martinsargent - Nice haircut, Marty! You clean up pretty good when you want to. #
  • 10:22 @cnreilly Unlucky larry did it again, he went and got his TOES stuck in the ball #
  • 11:16 @monsura I've not gone to the AC location, but we love the Continental on 2nd in Philly. Yes, the chinese mustard ROCKS on those "fries" #
  • 12:04 @edrendell I've never had Krimpets from the freezer but that sounds lovely. Thanks for the idea! @tastybakingco thanx for kandy kakes idea #
  • 12:47 @dannytrs Happy Birthday! #
  • 21:01 @theisb yes, I had a similar objection that we saw Kirk in his underpants and not Spock instead... #
  • 21:03 I liked my hot dog at New England hot dog the other day, but I'm still bothered by one thing... #
  • 21:04 @ New England Hot Dog they have a Kosher beef dog and a Veggie Dog on the menu. But, they only seem to have ONE grill. #
  • 21:04 Doesn't that mean that the Kosher dog is no longer Kosher once it hits the grill (where pork products have been)? #
  • 21:05 and the Veggie Dog being on the same grill where various meat products have been would similarly be rendered useless to the consumer? #
  • 21:07 @breagrant and the OTHER great movie is? You've left us hanging, sweetie! #
  • 22:46 Good, I was worried all weekend! RT @sungenis: they had separate sections of grill for veggie and kosher. I noticed. #
  • 23:38 How do we define legal gender? By chromosomes? By genitalia? By spirit? By whether one asks directions when lost?" #
  • 23:44 @methodusti when he's a little older (6th to 8th grade or so), I highly recommend "Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy From Mars" - such a great book. #
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    00:50 @ k8_walsh just wanted to say I was on pins and needles throughout tonight's episode. Great job! # 16:35 @ paulblann…

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    00:24 I must say again...Jane Lynch BETTER the fuck get an Emmy for her portrayal of Sue Sylvester!!! #Glee # 08:40 @ c2e2 I don't know…

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    11:52 @ attila does it have to be a single thing for $100 USD? # 11:55 @ attila for starters, shameless promotion for my husband's books (all…

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