Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Opinions are like Assholes...everyone's got one.

How do I start this? I've been accused of being a douchebag for having a different opinion of a certain movie that came out this week than someone else. Really?

Without giving a review of the movie itself, at first, since that's just the catalyst here to a bigger issue...I wonder at this person and what they expect of me. I realize I haven't posted much on Livejournal lately (with the exception of my automatic postings of Twitter), but I do read what others post. Mostly, I've been lurking on Twitter and Facebook and have gotten lazy about writing and I apologize for that.

That said, it's seriously hard to give a fair/balanced (sorry, hate using those particular words considering their new association with Fox News) movie review in 140 characters or less. In the midst of that, because I prefer to fully flesh out my opinion of a movie (and not just say "I liked it" or "I didn't like it" without a reason), I usually will state the good about a movie and any bad. Sometimes one side is heavier than the other.

Because of the nature of Twitter, that it's not just a blog, but there are conversations with multiple people going on, I might have a side conversation with someone else regarding that review of a movie (with people who both agree and disagree with me).

I don't know whether the particular person only sees my negative reviews, but they say I'm a negative person. I don't see that. I might be snarky, but I'd like to think that I'm anything but negative.

This person and I tend to disagree very much on movies. He likes movies that I don't. I like movies he doesn't. I think that's okay.

Paul (my husband, who's been with me for 16+ years) and I have movies/tv shows that we both love (How I Met Your Mother, Doctor Who for a couple) but we also have shows/movies that we disagree on (he watches House and I don't get it/I don't think you could pay him to watch Ugly Betty for a couple). When we go watch "our" shows, we make them date nights. Monday night we make dinner together, watch "Big Bang Theory", "How I Met Your Mother" and "Heroes". There are other days when we watch our own stuff and we don't try to tell each other WHY they should/n't watch this stuff. We let each other be.

However, I see people (not just myself) being treated like they are out of the loop if they don't watch the latest movie that's in theatres that week or sit down to watch whatever the newly highly rated television show is.

It's different with my friends in the Transducers. Some watch Lost, some watch American Idol, some watch Ugly Betty. We know not to bring up Star Wars around Dawn, 'cause she'll be set off into a big rant because of how much she didn't like the three newer movies (that passion ignited because she LOVED the original three so much as a kid). A big chunk of the group follows professional wrestling and I may be the only one who doesn't watch the Simpsons. However, none of us rag on each other for what we do/don't watch together. We allot time in our little groups to discuss our shows and the movies and we all can feel free to say the stuff we both liked and didn't like about them.

Sometimes, I think part of fandom as a whole (any fandom) is the debating about what was good and what was bad about a book/movie/tv show/whatever. But, I also would prefer to be able to say WHY I did or didn't like something and feel safe/free to do so without inciting someone to abuse me because of it.

Please, everyone, give me permission to like/not like whatever I please and I happily give you that same freedom. I won't rag on you for watching (redacted) if you won't rag on me for listening to (redacted)'s new album, k?

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