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Haven't written in a while...

...well about anything really meaningful or about anything really from my life (but those "lists" and "personality quiz" things).

I don't know. I just haven't been able to sit and type about the stuff happening in my life lately. Don't feel you are missing anything. I've mostly been working at the record store, worked a couple nights at the movie theatre, doing a lot of catching up on my reading (primarily my comics).

I never wrote about the auditions for "Dracula"...well, first of all, I didn't get the part that I wanted (Renfield) or more to the point ANY part. I'd like to content myself with the story that I'd heard that it was because of theatre politics (how dare I jump ship and work with Brett Fauver!) but I understand that it could simply be that the director (or the production manager, as the story went when I heard it) thought it would simply be better to go in a different direction...whatever. I think I'm grateful for the break it's given me (especially since I'm about to audition for another Shakespeare for Brett...otherwise I would have been tied up with a "tech week" and wouldn't have been able to do this next project).

I never talked about Third Friday (for those who haven't read about this yet, in the neighboring town, Millville, their downtown holds an event on the third Friday of every month wherein the local galleries open their new shows and the shops downtown stay open later and it's become a great event) this past month. I enjoyed myself as usual, though I surprised that I didn't see Joyce Maxwell. It seems I ALWAYS bump into her there (and, as Martha Stewart says, that's a GOOD thing). Meanwhile, I spent some time with wingedmoocow, saw laura_a_tree and harryyea (who were both dressed quite nattily), and got to be BLOWN the FUCK AWAY by Rita Lyman's show! It was called "Travel Light" and was a series of paintings from memory of the various cities and other places she's been to and the emotions they evoked (portrayed by a lovely, touching sense of color)...

Rita also made her own dress for the night...over the fabric she'd sewn together, she shellaced postcards/coins/various and sundry memorabilia from her travels on the dress...absolutly incredible.

I went out last week with Marni, which was pretty cool. We only went to the mall (Hamilton), followed by a round of "Mario Party 2" with Paul and R.J. and a trip to the Denny's. Who needs more than that, now, really?

Last night, we had our dinner with Shawn, the Savages and the Calendo sisters. This time, it was Italian at Pasta Cheech in Deptford, NJ (next to the mall). It wasn't bad, but it wasn't up to our usual standards. However, to rate it for what it was: the fresh bread was yummy, the soup du jour (escarole) was poor and possibly from a can, the salad was nice (though, while I probably WOULD have ordered the creamy Italian dressing anyway, it would have been nicer to have more than just two choices...that and house vinagrette), my main course (tortellini alla penna) was FANTASTIC: meat tortellinis with Italian ham bits, sweet peas, and parmesan cream sauce baked in mozzarella cheese). I also enjoyed my desert (caramel apple pie), but found that my portion wasn't equivalent to the size of some of the other desert portions (the canolli that Dawn ordered was nice and I also liked the Oreo cake). I would recommend splitting any of the wood oven pizzas with at least one other person (or plan to bring them home), 'cause Andrea's was quite big.

I certainly liked the decor, though. It was very colorful and I liked the open space (and the open kitchen).
At work the last two days it's been pretty hectic since "Scarface" just came out on DVD. It's been highly anticipated (we had something like 140 pre orders for it (counting the "limited edition box set"))...hell, I think we only had something like 85 for "Lord of the Rings: Two Towers"!

I'm getting a little less enthusiastic about this job, primarily because I feel that I can never get anything finished there. As soon as I begin to sort a section back into neatness and alphabetical order, there practically is another customer walking behind me messing it right back up again. I've also never had to deal with shoplifting quite so much (I mean, I worked at a Taco's kind of hard to hop over the counter and make your OWN food and take it out...and at the video store, all the videos were, again, stored BEHIND the counter)...the worst it ever got to was the occassional candy bar from one of the neighborhood kids at the video store. Here it's big ticket items: CD's, DVD's, CD PLAYERS!

Today, I found a cracked open copy of R.Kelly's greatest Hit's CD. Meanwhile, Cyndi (the manager) thinks she found evidence of what is called "stacking" in the video section (nothing was taken yet, but basically, it was set up for someone to go back and get it later).

Also, I found out that NONE of the sale pricing in the video/DVD section was EVER done last week...I got a little bit of start on it, but I just get to thinking that almost as soon as we finally catch up to finish this, all the sales will be over and we'll have to start all over again.

Meanwhile, we're starting a whole new batch of BIPCs (Buyer Initiated Price Changes)...I call them "Bippies" and am starting to hear others call them that...that's basically various and sundry CDs throughout the store having to be completely retagged (not sale priced, but the base price is changing)...of course, hopefully they are in the right place for us to find it and there starts the whole process of the fact that since the stuff keeps getting torn out of alphabetical order we may not find all the product, so we hopefully get back to fixing again...just in time for "recall" which means stuff is being shipped out of our store, either to other stores in the company or back to the warehouse to be destroyed ('cause it's out of print) and we may not find THAT's all a vicious circle.

Anyway, I'm gonna sign off now, but will certainly try to keep up with the postings (I'll especially want to tell you all about the novel I'm currently reading...but will wait until I finish it)...

Oh! I saw a great movie last week...I don't think I mentioned THAT either!

It's called "Thirteen" and should be playing in your local arthouse theatres. If it's not playing anywhere near you BADGER the theatre owner! It's an eye-opener. It stars Holly Hunter (well, okay, she's really the supporting actor) as the mother of a young girl who is just turning thirteen and going through some turbulence after befriending the "cool" girl at her school. Both the girls give incredible performances. In fact, the movie was CO-WRITTEN by the "cool" girl (who was actually the OTHER girl in her real life). You can find the trailer here
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