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  • 00:29 @ranggrol me too! We'll have to share photos with each other (this past year, I was Kelly (as in "Shoes")). #
  • 00:32 @mcpierce Geddy Lee interview in "Heeb" magazine this month: #
  • 00:34 @bryanbrinkman oh, heh...I used to be in a (completely unaffiliated) band called "Phoenix" years band cover band in 1990. #
  • 00:59 @methodusti I second the recommendation for Daniel Pinkwater. Here's a colllection of some of his best: #
  • 10:15 @dorianwright who's the lousy critic? #
  • 10:18 @rick_howard what is your daughter's favorite attraction? Is she looking forward to the butterfly garden at Epcot for flower/garden? #
  • 10:20 RT @gsightseeing: the house from "Spaced": #
  • 10:43 @nj_linguist ok, I've GOT to know...what the hell could I have possibly spoiled with those twovels/twovies? the NEWEST thing = a decade old #
  • 11:30 @fuzzface63 that whole album is probably my all-time favorite by her. #
  • 11:41 @tlavideo in my experience, "urban" as in "urban music/movies" is just the pc way to say "black music/movies" #
  • 11:43 @tlavideo I know that FYE got tons of flack when they segregated out every movie w/ a lead black actor into an "urban" section years ago #
  • 11:56 is stunned. Just saw a text message on my phone asking which of us (Paul and I) is the top. I responded "none of your business"... #
  • 11:57 hates that straight people, especially "friends", define me solely by my sexuality. #
  • 11:58 While I'm at it: If you wouldn't give your straight married male friends "vagina" shaped anything, don't give me "penis" shaped gifts. #
  • 12:23 @tlavideo get bubble-gum cigars so you can hand them to everybody regardless of whether they smoke or how young... #
  • 12:37 Sure. What the hell. Just listed myself in the local Twitter directory in ZIP 08361 Baaaaah #
  • 12:55 @myfavorite hard one today. I rarely watch reality TV. I could easily narrow down #myfav to 1st season of Survivor & 3rd of Real World. #
  • 12:57 @myfavorite #myfav I was also recently addicted to Rupaul's Drag Race and from Britain: "Sex Education Show"...great docu-TV #
  • 16:11 @rick_howard I'm REALLY looking forward to the TS Mania Wii Game this fall... #
  • 20:29 @thedisneyblog as a carnivore and "porcivore" I have no problem with that menu...looks awesome! can't wait to try it! #
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