Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera


It's getting to that time of year that I, a candy/chocoholic, always dread...

...the end of Easter and the accompanying candy season, which won't start again until roughly August when the Hallowe'en candy starts showing up in stores...

Think about it...for Hallowe'en we not only have fun-sized everything but also candy corn, orange/black M&ms, and pumpkin shaped candies. In many areas, this is also the only time of year you can buy Frankenberry and Booberry cereals (at least here, Count Chocula is available year-round).

then, as soon as it's November 1, we have the Christmas candy on the and green everything (M&m's, etc.), santa shaped stuff, but also the candy canes galore (as well as all kinds of candy cane and maybe even egg nog flavored stuff).

Then, we get Valentine's candy...hearts, cherry cordials, big heart shaped boxes (like Whitman samplers, etc).

Then, we get Easter candy (including peeps, Cadbury eggs, robin's eggs and jelly beans (though peeps are starting to appear in shapes for ALL the above holidays too)). Also, during roughly the same time as the Easter stuff, during the month of March, we have Shamrock shakes at McDonalds for St. Patrick's day...'s just a LONG wait until August AGAIN...

Please, candy manufacturers. It's time to create Fourth of July candy.

Instead of Reese's peanut butter cup pumpkins, santas, hearts and eggs couldn't we please have star shaped? How about red/white/blue: Peeps/candy corn/jelly beans/m&m's/skittles?

I don't know...what summer candy is there (besides possibly salt water taffy or those red/white/blue "firecracker" popsickles)?

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