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  • 00:43 @jeffthemidget wow...they finally made the documentary about the hidden connection between ice cream and the Sex Pistols? ;P #
  • 00:47 @myfavorite I think that Hershey's beats Godiva partly because of the price but also the ubiquity... It's comfort food. #
  • 12:22 @sungenis @1evilmofo Dynamic Financial sent back both reg and cert mail letters return to sender unopened... #
  • 12:23 @sungenis @1evilmofo they are stamped "no authorization to receive mail at this address" even though they signed the card... #
  • 19:53 @myfavorite #myfav sandwich is easily a roast beef club: roast beef, lettuce, tomato, bacon, toasted rye, mayo and a pickle spear! #
  • 23:56 @abangbear YES, the bill is heading somewhere in Vermont...however, the Governor has already stated he'll veto it. #
  • 00:01 Never mind how weird the casting of Jim Carrey as Curly Howard's my problem with it: Jim Carrey = 6' 1½"/Curly Howard = 5' 5" #
  • 00:01 Are there no short people capable of being in this movie? #
  • 00:04 Also: Benicio Del Toro = 6' 2" (taller than Jim Carrey)/Moe Howard = 5' 4" (shorter than Curly Howard) #
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