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  • 00:05 @malina88 as I've stated before Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan seriously need to play brothers sometime #
  • 00:06 @malina88 of course, I'd also like to see a third brother played by Colt porn star Carlo Masi ( (picture is safe) #
  • 10:54 @davidblue it makes them less "stars" and more "people". I can vicariously think of them as friends and most are pretty funny, too. #
  • 10:55 @davidblue Wil Wheaton and Greg Grunberg are both hysterical on theirs, for instance. #
  • 11:49 @myfavorite my favorite pizza toppings would be pepperoni, onions, black olives and bacon (together and separately). #
  • 12:58 RT @mrdankelly Note: If the words SOCIAL, MEDIA, MARKETING, or variations thereof appear in your Twitter profile. I aint adding you. #
  • 14:23 @davidblue well, @wilw's posts with his hypothetical conversations with his iTunes make me laugh out loud every time, for one example #
  • 14:28 RT @dorianwright: Gay-baiting in WATCHMEN? » link to ( » What? #
  • 14:28 RT @lucindalunacy "Watchman's" Alan Moore has always loved the gays - #
  • 14:29 RE-RT (fixed link) @dorianwright: Gay-baiting in WATCHMEN? #
  • 16:12 @sarahlane - very nice...will look forward to seeing how it looks in the Twit Cottage on Friday... #
  • 16:20 @sarahlane of course I meant by watching TWiF (I'm not actually going to be in the TWiT cottage :( ) #
  • 16:43 @michaelurie YAY for pic with Becky! #
  • 17:06 @mcpierce they probably think you are one the collections agencies... #
  • 17:07 @mcpierce from what I'm hearing/reading, you're better off paying monthly for may not GET a whole year's worth right now. #
  • 22:27 @jeffthemidget is that show even still on? Do people still watch it (besides the staff of "Entertainment Weekly")? #lost #
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