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They Tell Me It's Bad, But It's Not

Okay, just to put that other meme onto its head, I'm going to admit to some guilty pleasures:

20. MTV's Real World and Road Rules (and the various "Challenges")
19. Xanadu
18. Herr's Old-Fashioned Potato chips (made with just potatos, salt and LARD!)
17. the Bugaloos/Partridge Family/Monkees (I love a lot of the "television" bands)
16. Shock Treatment
15. Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
14. Saved By the Bell
13. anything made in "Supermarionation"
12. Pandemonium
11. "Les Mis"(erables)
10. Old Country Buffet
09. Degrassi (Junior High, High School, Junior College, Next Generation, whatever)
08. Archie Digests ("Betty and Veronica Double Digests" are the best)
07. V.C. Andrews novels
06. Joey Fatone
05. The Brady Bunch/Kids/Brides/Variety Hour/X-Mas/whatever
04. Jackie Collins novels
03. the Bionic Woman
02. Karaoke
01. Crystal Pepsi (God, I LOVED that stuff)
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