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TV Pilot Pick-Up Full List

Gawker just got a full list of TV Pilot "pick ups" (thanks to lucindalunacy for the link):

What I might try and why:
  • ABC -
    • Flash Forward - created by David Goyer and Brannon Braga. I'm not so much a fan of Star Trek:Voyager, but this is still a fairly good pairing to helm a sci-fi series. Hopefully, ABC will give it a better chance than they did "Pushing Daisies"
    • Inside the Box - would depend on the cast for this one.
    • V - BUT, I'm likely to check out very quickly if it's not faithful to the original.

  • Fox -
    • Boldly Going Nowhere - will at least give this a try. Could be cute. Could be absolute shite (it's on Fox, after all).
    • Sons of Tucson - could depend on the casting for me. I'd normally write this off as a redneck blue collar comedy, but I love "My Name Is Earl". That said, if any of the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" guys gets cast in this, I'm avoiding this like the plague.

What I'm staying away from and why:

  • ABC -
    • Brothers and Detectives - the little kid solving the crimes for the adult detective...why don't they just make "Encyclopedia Brown" as a tv series?
    • Eastwick - I loved the original book. I HATED the movie adaptation, simply because the Hollywood machine CHANGED it so drastically. Here, it's likely just going to be "Charmed" meets "Desperate Housewives" which just makes me want to barf...
    • Empire State - "Romeo & Juliet love story" - 'nuff said.
    • Happy Town - sounds too much like "Twin Peaks" rip off.
    • I, Claudia - "destined to be a contender for the presidency" - ugh. I already suffered through "Jack and Bobby" and two years of the last presidential election. This show is coming WAY too late (or too early) by at least two years.
    • Limelight - I don't want to sit through a hip-hop remake of "Fame"
    • Untitled Dave Hemingson - it's a lawyer show.
    • The Unknown - it's a crime/mystery show.
    • Cougar Town - A mom and her teenaged son hang out. Eww.
    • Let It Go - it's a comedy about a stalker chick. Again, Eww.
    • The Middle - Roseanne (that part's fine) meets Little Miss Sunshine (you lost me there)
    • The Karensky's - nothing innovative here.
    • Tick Tock - ditto.
    • Untitled Mitch Hurwitz - stars the pie fucker AND sounds EXACTLY like "Brothers and Sisters" (which has become a parody of itself).

  • NBC -
    • Day One - wrong Presidential administration for this premise.
    • Legally Mad - even with Kristen Chenowith, this is still a lawyer show by the creator of Ally McBeal. Yuck. No Way. I don't have a vagina.
    • Mercy - I already watch "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" - I don't have enough time in the week for another hospital show...
    • Parenthood - there was ALREADY a television series based on that same movie on this SAME network YEARS AGO. The movie sucked, too.
    • Trauma - see Mercy above.

  • CBS -
    • A Marriage - "Anatomy of a marriage" - yawn.
    • Back - 9/11 as a story springboard is just tacky.
    • House Rules - it's a "political drama based around a freshman Congresswoman" - and it's probably going to be "Sex in the City (now with (West) wing(s) for more protection).
    • NCIS Spin Off - Never watched NCIS to begin with.
    • US Attorney - a lawyer show.
    • Washington Field - again, politics show. Really?

  • Fox -
    • Eva Adams - it's hardly a new idea. See "Switch" with Ellen Barkin and "Goodbye Charlie" with Debbie Reynolds (amongst many others)
    • Human Target - based on a comic book character that I never read.
    • Maggie Hill - again, see Mercy above.
    • Masterwork - "in the vein of NATIONAL TREASURE" - 'nuff said.
    • The Reincarnationist - sucky title. Even worse spin on "Medium"/"Ghost Whisperer"
    • Ab Fab - Absolutely Shiteous. No Fucking WAY! Will never hold a candle to the original.
    • The Station - I'm not sure about this one.
    • Two Dollar Beer - "blue collar ensemble"
    • Outnumbered - "partially improvised" can be VERY tricky. On Fox, it's likely to suck.
    • Wolarsky - it's Paul Blart, Mall Cop, the TV Series.

  • CW -
    • Light Years - very much a girly show, and I don't see it having much to say beyond the pilot - I give it six weeks.
    • Gossip Girl spin-off - I don't bother with "Gossip Girl"
    • Melrose Place remake - never watched the original 90210, the original Melrose or the remake 90210. Won't watch THIS. Everyone will still be happy.


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