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Tweets From the Past 24 Hours...

  • 09:54 "The Secret" really worked for this guy! Awesome review on Amazon!! #
  • 11:43 @maddow it's official. You've made it to mainstream (SNL). The only thing better than that would be a Mad Magazine parody! #
  • 12:31 @dannytrs "the box" looks terrible (Cameron Diaz, 'nuff said), but the original (1980s) Twilight Zone episode (Button Button) is fantastic! #
  • 15:06 @veronica you can't go wrong with the butter pecan syrup #
  • 16:49 loved the movie kal ho naa ho ... just watched it last night and the soundtrack just makes me want to dance! ♫ #
  • 17:03 @loumongello - Nope. That's definitely the Yacht and Beach Club. The ship no longer exists in Norway (accordi ... #
  • 17:05 @veronica wearing a "visor" for seven+ years will certainly rub off on a person and make them interested in tech, I'd think... #
  • 17:24 @chrispirillo I'd be curious who's more fanatic in their fandom: mac addicts, marvel zombies or trekkies... #
  • 17:54 @poggibonsi99 BattleStar Galactica #
  • 18:00 @poggibonsi99 it's very good, though I'm still in the middle of the third season. Worth Netflixing #
  • 18:57 @loumongello - Stave Church #
  • 19:09 @michaelurie as a former (and possible future) Roderigo, I very much loved that! #
  • 19:17 @jonesabi @vdog that's better than her fond memories being a shamWOW... #
  • 19:21 @inga_ros @thedisneyblog I think the only celebrity I've spotted so far in the parks was Joey Fatone (N'Sync)...he was in the same R&RC line #
  • 19:22 @inga_ros @thedisneyblog ...with us & same room watching the pre-show. I liked that he didn't use his celebrity as a fastpass... #
  • 19:31 @wildcelticrose nice to see you're feeling better after all... #
  • 19:39 @betty822 do you mean Kate Botello and @leolaporte (the first I think of when I hear Kate and Leo) or Winslet/Decaprio? #
  • 20:04 @thedisneyblog @momspanelerin Highly doubtful, but extremely hopeful, about those Adventurers Club reopening rumours...! #
  • 20:19 @barbiehead @thedisneyblog I know that one, Jay, has been seen at the Velcro exhibit in Innoventions...others are in Nemo Musical at A.K. #
  • 20:19 @barbiehead @thedisneyblog of course, many already moonlighted at HoopDeDoo and as Studios Streetmosphere #
  • 20:34 @barbiehead that's practically what I'm planning to do next week when I'm finally there... #
  • 21:07 @tlavideo there's always Mary Kate Olsen! #
  • 21:26 @oskar_kennedy @sungenis maybe Putin was the one who siphoned all the oil out of Cumberland Players this week? #
  • 00:11 @oskar_kennedy yep. they had auditions tonight with NO heat. #
  • 00:15 @poggibonsi99 Vegemite is disgusting. It's made from yeast extract. #
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    00:50 @ k8_walsh just wanted to say I was on pins and needles throughout tonight's episode. Great job! # 16:35 @ paulblann…

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    00:24 I must say again...Jane Lynch BETTER the fuck get an Emmy for her portrayal of Sue Sylvester!!! #Glee # 08:40 @ c2e2 I don't know…

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    11:52 @ attila does it have to be a single thing for $100 USD? # 11:55 @ attila for starters, shameless promotion for my husband's books (all…

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