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The Michael Moore "controversy"

That Michael Moore thing sure woke everybody up...huh? ;P a nutshell, my feelings on the whole thing: while I don't entirely disagree with the statement he made, I *DO* disagree with the forum he chose to make it in. He should have thanked the academy, thanked whoever and moved on...then gave that speech and soundbite to the press corps waiting just beyond the wings.

I, too, think that Adrien Brody was much more stirring in the things he had to say and that Susan Sarandon's simple peace sign was all that was necessary for the evening.

Do I think that it was wrong for the Oscars to be held in lieu of the war? Absolutely not. They do their jobs just like the rest of us. Many of these people have done jobs worthy of being recognized. I don't think that just because there is a war going on that we should all just sit at home in the dark. We should continue to live our lives and reach for any normalcy we can. If that means holding sporting events, going shopping, having a night out for a movie or a concert, or holding the awards show. If this war had started back in January, would the same people suggest suspending the Super Bowl? I doubt it, highly.
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