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WORST of 2008 - Movies

Luckily this list is much shorter. There were only a few standout BAD movies I happened to catch this year. There were only THREE that actually were released in 2008:

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild (2008)

The first movie in this series was stupid, but an enjoyable stupid (and with all the stupid movies aimed at straight people it was kind of fun to have one for us gays), but while this one has a few briefs glimpses of brilliance (any scenes with RuPaul, Lady Bunny and believe it or not, Perez Hilton) the rest of it is mostly gross-out humour garbage (including a disgusting scene featuring the always annoying (to me) Scott Thompson from "the Kids in the Hall" involving incest, furries and vomit). This film isn't helped by getting rid of one of the funnier supporting characters (the boys' dyke friend "Muffler") and that the guys have ALL been recast, with the single exception of Nico (played by Jonah Blechman), who is sort of like the fey, white Erkel or an even GAYER version of Emmett from "Queer as Folk" (my least favorite character THERE, too). Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild -

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (2008)

Again, the first movie was stupid, but an enjoyable stupid. Even the brief enjoyable sequences with Neil Patrick Harris aren't enough to save this horrible mess from tanking. So NOT funny. Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay -

Step Brothers (2008)

I enjoyed "Anchorman" and there are a number of the same people involved with this one. I also really enjoyed seeing Mary Steenburgen again. Kathryn Hahn (from "Crossing Jordan") is hysterical in this. It starts out fairly well, again, like the others, it's stupid but an enjoyable stupid. If you can except the premise that these forty-plus year old guys have the mentality of thirteen year old boys and don't know why their different from anyone else, fine. But about half-way through the movie, it starts to get a little waring on the viewer AND gets a bit creepy/sleazy (especially when the boys try to murder each other).Step Brothers -

Equally as lucky, there were only about seven truly BAD movies I saw this year that were made BEFORE 2008...

Breakfast with Scot (2007)

While this movie was certainly sweet, I think my problem with it was it was too MUCH so. Also, perhaps it's my own internalized homophobia, but I just wanted to kick the little kid's teeth in (he not only was EXTREMELY over-the-top fey, he had apparently grown up in a bubble and had no idea why the other kids thought he was weird because of it). I realize the point of the film was the uncle, played by Tom Cavanagh, as a "straight acting" gay guy has to come to terms with his own inner fairy by excepting the kid, but it's a loooong, telegraphed journey to that point. It's not helped that the film is shot on a shoe-string and reeks of "ABC Afterschool Special" (which were fine for their time, but now are viewed mostly as camp).. Breakfast With Scot -

Broken English (2007)

It's hard for me to explain why this film is on this list...well, maybe not so hard. Here's the main reason: when reviewing the list of 115 films I saw in the calendar year of 2008, for good or for ill, I had memories of each and every one of them...except for this one. I remembered that it starred Parker Posey, but beyond that I've come up completely empty. I'm afraid it's on this list merely by the virtue that I've blacked it out. Broken English -

Great World of Sound (2007)

This film would have been a wonderful short film. It's well acted, but doesn't have enough story to sustain a feature-length film. That is evidenced primarily by the lengthy "audition" sequences peppered throughout this film. The basic premise: two guys are sent out on the road to sign people up for record contracts. Initially they are enthusiastic as they set out to find talent, but are slowly discouraged as they begin to learn the true nature of the company they are working for. As I said...could have been great, but becomes painful to watch very quickly.Great World of Sound -

Jellyfish (2007)

This one could have also have been great. I very much enjoyed the performance by lead actress, Sarah Adler, who plays a cater waitress who takes in a small girl who she finds lost on the beach. There are other great performances, too. What does it in is the disconnect between the three storylines (which are extremely tangentially tied to one another) and the WTF ending that leads us to believe that a character was insane (but if that was the case, the problem with that is that there were seemingly a LOT of people sharing her particular delusion). Jellyfish -

Juno (2007)

Initially, I kind of liked this one. I especially enjoyed the performances by Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons. However, I think it's biggest weakness is the overly pretentious fake teen slang dialogue. No one really talks like the people in this film. I'll also say that, for me, it wasn't helped by the fact that Ellen Page reminds me a LOT of Becky Heiland-Leeds-Jackson, who I've grown to despise since the moment she dropped out of our wedding, and that association, and having to stare at her face everyday on the store shelf for many, many months REALLY soured me on the movie over time (and on Ellen Page herself). I realize that is not the fault of the movie or the actress, but in my personal experience of the movie, that's what colored it badly overtime.Juno -

Margot at the Wedding (2007)

Like another Nicole Kidman film I saw this year, "Dogville", watching this film feels like being (to use a phrase I read from theferret (I may not be quoting this properly, but it's close): "pummelled with a bag of oranges for an hour and a half". Kidman's Margot is a miserable bitch and she wants to ruin the happiness of EVERYONE around her. The big difference between this and "Dogville" being that in "Dogville", after the orange-pummelling is finished, there IS a satisfying ending where the evil people in the movie are punished. Margot is never punished for her actions and is never led to understand why her actions are wrong. My biggest gripe with this movie was with whoever classified it as a "comedy" (possibly simply by virtue of featuring actor, Jack Black?) Margot at the Wedding -

Martian Child (2007)

As with Breakfast With Scot, above, this film is primarily hampered by one of the most fucking annoying children in cinematic history (really, I'd rather spend 2+ hours with 8 year old Anakin Skywalker again over this little brat). It's also hampered by neutering the main character (based on a real person) and removing his (real life) homosexuality (why? Because people in East Bumblefuck, Ohio won't be able to understand why a homo would want a kid if he's not going to molest him?). It's a shame, really, 'cause I want to like it 'cause John Cusack was as great as he always is. I just couldn't believe anyone wouldn't chuck this particular kid over a cliff and call it a day. Martian Child -


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