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Macy's parade

I watched the parade after dinner (via Tivo) - better when you can fast forward through it...when you really just want to see the floats and balloons.

Highlights for me:

1) the Balloons: Buzz Lightyear, Kermit the Frog, Pikachu, Ronald McDonald (I know it's a shill, but it was humongous and on the plus side they did mention the Ronald McDonald House charity which is a great cause), the Smurf, Snoopy, Pikachu, Spongebob and Shrek

2) the performances: the Awesome Original Second Time Arounders were fantastic and better than some of the "celebrity guests". I also want to give props to the Special Needs Colorguard for showing their spirit! But as far as the "celebrities" go, I'll admit that the only one I watched in through their WHOLE song was Miley Cyrus. Cute song. I also very much enjoyed the cast of Hair (again the only cast I watched the WHOLE song of). I did think it strange when the Sesame Street characters were singing a song by the "Kids From Fame" and I already knew about the "Rick roll", so that wasn't anything great (though I'm sure that if I'd watched it live, I would have thought it adorable).

Lowlights for me:

1) the Balloons: Beethoven (the dog, not the composer - do kids even know who this was besides it being a dog?), the Energizer Bunny (yes, still a shill, but I'm unhappy with this one for not floating), and Dora the Explorer (annoying as hell cartoon character!)

2) floats: the Hirajaku Girls and the Princess Academy thing...

3) the performances: Who the hell are Charise, the Clique Girlz, Push Play? There was another boy band that performed whose names aren't even listed on the Macy's website...I've only been gone from the FYE for three months...I've NEVER heard of these people. NEVER did I make labels, shelve or sell any of these people to the best of my knowledge! Meanwhile...I nearly fell out of my chair when Andy Williams "sang", 'cause I didn't even know he was still ALIVE! The casts of Little Mermaid, South Pacific and especially White Christmas were WAY too saccharine for me (though it was nice that they featured bare hairy chested men singing for South Pacific). I didn't even BOTHER watching "in the heights" and was disappointed that though we had a Shrek balloon, there was no performance from that show! I even fast-forwarded through both Elphaba and Galinda...Idina's "new" album she was shilling came out WAY back in January and was a snooze-fest and I just wasn't feeling the Christmas song that Kristin_Chenoweth was singing (maybe because of the added treacle of the care bears being on her float). David Archuleta looked like he needed a tissue and a lozenge...luckily he was lip-synching!


Nov. 28th, 2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
Some modern art really excites me and some just REALLY leaves me cold.

I understand the whole "people will buy anything" if you tell them is art as sort of Warhol and many of the other artists in that movement basically playing the Emperor's New Clothes with these people...

...one example I remember from the Metropolitan Museum of Art: "Blue Panel" by an artist I never managed to remember...it was just a blue canvas - a single solitary uniform shade of blue - it could have been done with a paint roller... and even the name "Blue Panel" to me said that this artist couldn't have been bothered to have ANY kind of imagination and was just knocking these things out like on a conveyor belt... and suckered the museum's then director into buying his gold-plated turd. As far as I'm concerned the guy/gal who did this piece was not an artist, but merely a painter...

Granted, I appreciate the chutzpah...I'm a fan of Duchamp and LOVE "fountain" (the "found art" piece that was really just a urinal), but his stuff was more about seeing things with completely different eyes when they are moved out of their regular situation/environment.

On the other hand, in Chicago, we saw a painting that was an entire canvas of the color black (with a single thin stripe of orange along the side)...it was the exact opposite, though, because there were varying shades of darkness, with even some sections of the canvas almost appearing like a topographical map because there were MOUNDS of paint in some sections where the artist took more care to create texture and color in different areas of the canvas so it was a feast for the eye and you saw different things from different angles. While, granted, if you photographed it or had a print, it would possibly appear to be a uniform shade of black as much as the blue panel was a uniform shade of blue, it was very moving, showed the dedication of the artist to truly creating something, showed effort placed into creating the piece as well as thought.

There are some Warhols that I've loved. In that same museum (Metropolitan Museum of Art), there was a wonderful self-portrait that was pretty much a HUGE pointillist painting and you couldn't make out what it was until you were about three rooms away down the hall...marvelous. But those silk-screened portraits of celebrities like Marilyn? Not my cup of tea. Again, I understand why they are "ART", but they're not something that really excites me. I'm sure if I were in Pittsburgh and went to the Warhol museum, I'd see a few things that I'd love...but I'd also see stuff that would just make me role my eyes.

The same for Haring...it just never really grabbed me in the gut. I understand that you like him and that's fine, but it's more of a different strokes for different folks thing...I just don't see myself running to an exhibit of his stuff...Yes, his stuff is certainly iconic. There's no mistaking his work. But I'd like to see something by him OTHER than those same figures over and over.

At the risk of being extremely un-PC, in the same way I wonder if our culture would still revere Kurt Cobain if he hadn't killed himself (or would he simply be a nostalgic joke in much the same way that Eddie Vedder is?), I wonder if Keith Haring HADN'T died young, would he still be revered now, or would the art world have grown bored and moved on?

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