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American Splendor

I just saw this one last night (September 3rd) at the Ritz in Voorhees with R.J. I've been a fan of the comic book for a few years, since I first read the book "Our Cancer Year" by both Harvey Pekar and his wife, Joyce Brabner.

The movie focuses on the life of Harvey Pekar and how he got into writing comics about the daily chores of his life as a file clerk in a hospital in Cleveland. It also focuses on the aftermath of this new career as a writer (including his ongoing relationship (as a frequent guest) with David Letterman).

I thought it was pretty good. It was certainly faithful to the comic, in that it showed lots of little vignettes from the comic and it also showcased various panels of art from the real book. I thought it kind of reminded me a bit of a Woody Allen movie at times (especially the scenes of Harvey's first meetings with his wife, Joyce).

I don't know if it would be for everybody, but I think it would certainly be worth a look for those of you who think that the ONLY movies out there based on comics feature superheroes. If you liked "Ghost World", you definitely should check this movie out.

On a scale of $0.00 to $8.00, I'd be willing to pay $7.00 to see this movie.

You may want to check the website American Splendor: The Movie for more info.
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