Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

re: Prop 8

I can not articulate just HOW sorry I am for any of my gay friends in California who now either can not get married or are having their marriage REVOKED as of today. This is such a strange thing to me, considering how much of the rest of the election we've won.

A change is certainly coming. Unfortunately, it's not quite coming for us yet. May I recommend moving to either Massachusetts or Connecticut? Or even to Vermont or New Jersey if you would be satisfied with simply having a civil union...

If there's any consolation, there are slow changes coming. An old friend of ours, who was quite vocal against gay marriage a few years ago has come around this year. She told me that she voted no on Prop 2 in Florida. She wrote: "I've listened to so many valid arguments against such a ban, I couldn't vote yes. See, even though I'm a Republican, I do have a heart..."

We just need so many more of us to come out of the closet - non-apologetically. We need to have more visibility. Once people know us, once they know how many more of us exist (both now and in history) the arguments get harder for them. The fight will continue!!

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