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Strange dream...or was it the Matrix...?

I had a strange dream last night. One in which I was lucid part of the time.

During the dream, I was in a car riding with my grandfather (sometimes I was driving, sometimes he was driving) grandfather died thirteen years ago for the record. He was telling me that it was obviously a dream (not because of his presence, of course), but because the streets were too perfect. There was barely any traffic on the road. There were only so many types of cars out on the road, too...a basic sedan, a little two-door, a VW bug, a station wagon, a pickup truck. They would appear in different color combinations, but there wasn't really any variety beyond that (of cars driving by us or visible from the road). Most of the streets were perfect right angles. There were lots of stops signs and four way stops on the roads...and no traffic lights.

The scenery looked like a fascimile of neighborhoods I've driven through downtown in Vineland (my old neighborhood was one). I would watch as I turned a street corner and the "loop" behind me would kind of stay the same (the cars following us would either take the turn as well or I'd see the same two or three cars repeating through an intersection behind us (like a movie reel loop in the old movies).

I also noticed that the street signs were turning to face my car as I passed them, whether rooted into the ground or hanging from wires on the street (like traffic lights)...

...Eventually, I was driving by myself (my grandfather disappeared into the ether of dreams). I came to a cul-de-sac/parking lot at a dead end overlooking the ocean (when I woke up, I decided it looked more like Keyport, where my Aunt lives than, perhaps, Wildwood or Atlantic City). In the parking lot, I saw a woman reading a book. I walked up to the woman, because I vaguely recognized her. I asked her if she was the woman who played "Mrs. Stevens" on "Bewitched" (this is where my brain must have tried to distract me to get me back into the "Matrix" and out of the lucid state). Yes, she was that actress. I told her that I enjoyed her work, not only on "Bewitched" but in other things too (the movie "What's Up Doc?" and the old-time radio program "My Favorite Husband" (she was surprised that I would know of that program, since it was so long ago)). We sat down on a bench next to the other lone car that was parked in the lot. She indicated that her grandson was sitting in the car. I looked over and saw a young man that I recognized upon waking as being bobbyq78 (whom I've never met in real life and I'm sure doesn't have this connection with this actress). He nodded at me.

I said to her that it was a shame that Paul was not there with me to meet her, since he is a big fan of the television show "Bewitched". I then look up and Paul is walking by us. I call him over to us to introduce him and that was when my brain went "wait a minute...where did HE come from all of a sudden? Wasn't that a little TOO convenient?" and as I went lucid, I couldn't fight to stay in the dream and I woke up.
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