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Tweets From the Past 24 Hours...

  • 11:54 If it wasn't Denny's, it was "Golden Palace"...across from the Armory and next to Aldi's/McDonalds? #
  • 12:33 @tlavideo technically that's the fifth one when you count the two Scorpion King movies #
  • 16:20 @nickstarr wow...planning a YEAR in advance for @dawnmiceli and @drewdomkus parties? #
  • 16:21 @martinsargent you will be missed but maybe you should give @leolaporte a call? #
  • 16:24 @nickstarr I figured. Just teasing. Give them both a hug for me #
  • 16:52 @kevinrose what shows survive? #
  • 18:36 @martinsargent maybe you should hook up with Laura Swisher...and hit the road with a comedy act? It would do you a world of good! #
  • 19:13 @nickstarr don't know that but you've got to treat yourself to Giordano's Pizza while in Chicago. It's the best ever! #
  • 19:40 'course I wonder if most of the younger people even get this one... ♫ #
  • 19:46 I love this one. Pure joy and sarcasm combined ♫ #
  • 19:49 I'm even more in love with this song knowing it was a song sung by Emil Bleehall at the Adventurers Club at Walt... ♫ #
  • 19:51 We saw Marykate w/ Jill Sobule for my birthday and she was awesome! ♫ #
  • 19:52 the only song with this title that will ever really matter to me... ♫ #
  • 20:06 Who doesn't love Lisa Bonet's ex-husband? ♫ #
  • 20:07 One of my all-time favorite by BNL. It's not typical for them, since it's so downbeat. ♫ #
  • 20:07 the flip-side to the BNL song? ♫ #
  • 20:08 This song was always fantastic...but damn if going softer (acoustic) somehow makes it even edgier! ♫ #
  • 22:20 @breagrant you are the best new addition to the show! #
  • 22:21 @nard I knew he couldn't be gone 'cause he's talked about "Fugitives" #
  • 22:25 @greggrunberg re: Band From TV. You've got to grab Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell in the future (both w/ musical backgrounds). #
  • 22:57 for fans of Heroes, House, Desperate Housewives and other shows. 100% profits to childrens charities! #
  • 23:01 @greggrunberg it was pretty dire for Matt tonight, but I'm still hoping to see him kick some ass. You and Brea are great together! #
  • 23:04 @greggrunberg @breagrant you've got to get the other #heroes into Twitter. I wanna hear from Zachary, Masi, Hayden and everyone else! #
  • 23:10 @Themoleskin I noticed that too. Who wants to bet that there are gonna be at least two other elemental women in Nathan's past? #
  • 23:11 going to bed 'cause tomorrow we're going to go see @barackobama !!!!! #
  • 23:18 @lucindalunacy yes, we're getting up early. We missed Philly, so this may be our only chance to see him before the election! #
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