Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Follow-up to Paul's "Follow-up to those “Card Services” scam calls I posted about"

Paul's original post can be found at: Follow-up to those “Card Services” scam calls I posted about. Read that first, then come back here!

We got the call AGAIN today from these people. They still will not tell us what it is in reference to or the name of their company. When we dialed back the number Paul had researched AGAIN: 813-418-5811 (which a simple reverse 411 search shows is coming from Tampa, Fl (just as the address that Paul originally found implied). This time, when we called back, instead of reaching "Naomi from Human Services" we reached a voice mail/message machine. The message listed a Christy (or Christie) Curtis could be reached if we were to dial extension 266. When Paul dialed the extension, Christy (or Christie) answered and said she was from "Human Services". When Paul asked to be escalated to someone who could give an address so he could file a complaint, after being placed on hold, he was transferred to a gentleman who refused to give his name:

That "gentlema"n, after giving us a runaround for a while and trying to rationalize the calls by saying that a lot of companies supposedly use the service (which still doesn't make it legal to call someone who is on the National Do Not Call Registry)...), he FINALLY gave us a company address (including hemming and hawing about not understanding why Paul kept mentioning that their company might be in Florida):

Dynamic Financial USA Inc.
4370 Lajolla Village Drive, Suite 400
San Diego, CA

(he didn't actually give us the zip code, but we found it with a simple google search). I do some further research and I find THIS (their supposed homepage, which at least lists the same address the guy gave us). BUT, the SECOND item on Google for the search term "Dynamic Financial USA Inc"> takes me to RIP-OFF REPORT:Dynamic Financial says I am prequalified for interest rate reduction on credit cards, then tries to charge me $2500 for the program!!

Their other numbers: (800) 215-0846 and (FAX) (866) 647-9777

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