Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

The Idiot Box - a repost from Pab - Help Wanted!!

Reposting of Pab's latest entry:

As you’ve no doubt read 5,000 times here, “The Idiot Box” debuts this Friday!

Due to bandwidth concerns, the WMV and TiVo versions are going to be fed through Bittorrent feeds. This is especially important since the TiVo quality versions are averaging in the neighborhood of 1.5 gig each, more than I could afford to feed through direct download.

As a result, I’m looking for as many volunteers as possible to help me seed the episodes, especially at first.

If you’re willing to seed the first episode (or, better yet, the first few) please drop me an E-Mail at with your mailing address. I’ll ship a DVD-ROM out to you with the files and the torrents to use for seeding them along with instructions. The first torrent goes “live” Thursday night/Friday morning at midnight and I’d like as many seeds online when that time comes as possible.

As a thank you, not only will you get to see the show before most people can (and in the highest quality possible), but you’ll get a “special thanks” credit starting around episode 4 or 5.

If you’re willing, please E-mail me as fast as possible so I can get your disc out right away. Thanks!


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