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Comics, Camp and Creative Achievements...

I got up yesterday morning, got dressed and immediately headed out to "Four Star Video" to get my comics. I'm so happy that both "Teen Titans" #2 and "1602" #1 (written by Neil Gaiman) were there in my box. As it is, I'm missing "New Mutants" #2 and I was informed yesterday that I'll also be missing "Outsiders" #2 (since Jeff apparently just NEVER ordered them...whoopsie). Anyway, I'm pissed because he really fucked me since these books were massively under-ordered EVERYWHERE and they are sold out EVERYWHERE.
I'd told him that I'd intended to go to Philly anyway that afternoon and would be going to Showcase/Atomic City Comics on South Street to take a chance on them being there (they WEREN'T). I'm now probably going to be going into Philly on Friday to go to "Fat Jack's" (which may be my last hope to get these books before hitting

He'd given me a list of books that he'd apparently missed for people. I told him he'd also missed the most recent issue of "New X-Men", since I found it on the stands at "Legends" in Deptford the week before and this didn't seem to sink in (that it means he'd missed it for at least ten to twenty other people too!). Anyway, the books he'd given me money to look for were ALL sold out (I'd could have told him that much BEFORE I left in search of them)...they were all HOT books.

When I arrived at the comic shop, lo and behold there were THREE OTHER books that he missed for me. I'm contemplating moving my book account starting in November (with the September Previews book) to either "A+" in Glassboro or "Legends" in Deptford...they may not get their books in conjunction with "TemDee" in Turnersville and therefore aren't getting fucked by them (I do believe that it's not always Jeff's errors but Temdee stealing books from his order before Jeff gets it, when there's a book in high demand).

I also stopped into "Fresh Fields" whole foods market (that's where I parked...for free). I picked up some fruit. Plums, peaches and "pluots" (they are a combination of a plum and an apricot)...they had sliced up fruit to sample all throughout the produce aisle and I thought these things were quite good.

After the supermarket, I headed back into Jersey and over to "Legends" to make one last ditch attempt at finding the books for Jeff. They, again, were SOLD OUT. The guy working there was really nice to talk to (and adorable). I left some flyers there (and at "Showcase") for the double feature coming up at the DeMarco...

I looked at my watch and saw I only had so much time before the movie, so I jetted over to the Ritz. I hadn't eaten, so I got a popcorn and a soda (after all this time at the movie theatre, I'm still not sick of popcorn)...and I could have some of that grease crap on it this time...actually, I don't think I like that fake butter on it anymore...

The movie was great. I saw "Camp". I enjoyed this movie, primarily 'cause I felt I knew these characters so well. I've been one of these kids and I've watched kids just like these at CP, OBSP and HCRT over the years.

I thought the story was a little slight, but no less than any of the typical teen romantic comedies. Thankfully, it didn't have any of the grossout humor that is generally in the MAINSTREAM teen comedies (but these kids wouldn't be considered part of the mainstream ANYWAY).

The real reason to see this movie is for the wonderful, showy, showstopping musical numbers! These kids do some great songs from Broadway as well as songs from the Rolling Stones, Todd Rundgren and new pieces written for the movie by Michael Gore ("Fame"/Broadway's "Carrie") and Lynn Ahrens ("Schoolhouse Rock"/"Once On This Island"/"Ragtime"/"Seussical"/"My Favorite Year")...

Movie Schmucks rating: I'd give this movie, purely on the caliber of the music performances an $8.00 out of $8.00. However, if I factored in the story and accounted for the fact that the average viewer isn't a broadway fag/hag, I'd say $5.50 out of $8.00.

After leaving the movie in high spirits, I jetted down to Millville (making a quick stop in Vineland at Taco Bell first)...

Taco Bell: first of all, understand that I worked there for seven years, so I'm not just picking on the people behind the counter because they are behind the counter. Since that place re-opened (they demolished the building over Thanksgiving/X-Mas and rebuilt reopened around Easter time), they've had extremely poor service. It's a little thing, but when I order my pizza, I want it without the pizza sauce (I just put a packet of mild sauce on it), since I think the pizza sauce is too salty. When I ask for it that way it should read on my reciept (and on the screen for the people preparing my food) "minus pzs" NOT "minus slsa" (that's SALSA!!!). Also, when I clearly state "to go" when you ask me whether my order is for here or to go, I expect you to ring it up that way, not that you are just apparently making conversation...!

Anyway, I headed over to the HCRT, found a parking space, went upstairs with my mexican pizza (hey, there actually WASN'T any sauce on it...imagine that!), my soft taco and my steak baja gordita (I've given up trying to order it without pico de gallo sauce so I just order with the steak instead of the beef...the sauce mixes well with steak but is just "assy" (as the Calendo sisters would say) when combined with ground beef).

I finished my meal and went in to enjoy the show. There were only four boys and four girls performing "Little Shop of Horrors" as the culmination of their "Summer Boot Camp". The kids did a good job considering they'd only had two weeks to learn the show (it was sort of a "Junior" version of the show, with most of the music intact and the script shortened). Ian was hysterical as the "ensemble" (he played just about all the extraneous parts) and quite believably intimidating as the dentist. Kristen was just adorable as Audrey (one) and Matt was perfect for Seymour. The doo-wop girls were good, if hindered by one of them who couldn't carry a tune if handed a bucket...I think my only complaint is that Ryan Gavigan wasn't really given proper direction in his characterization. He was a little too WASPy to play Mr. Mushnick and probably should have been aged more (perhaps a gray wig and mustache as well?)...aging make-up would have been a great lesson for the kids!

Anyway, afterwards, I went out to Bo-Jo's with the crew (the cast is underaged being all teenagers and mostly all went their separate ways). Brett and I chatted a bit about various theatre business (oh boy, "it's always something" as Roseanne Roseannadanna would say).

I got home, sorted out my books (into alphabetical order) and sat down to read for a little bit before feeling like an anvil landed on my head and I went to sleep.

I went to see "Music Man" on Thursday and I realize that I haven't posted a full review of it yet. I LOVED it. This may have been one of Walter's better shows, if not his best. The leads, Kevin Kolva and Darlene Gates were both wonderful. They were both in marvelous voice and they had great believed they truly could fall in love with one another. Joyce Maxwell was both funny and poignant as Marion's mother. Carol Heney was her usual hysterical self as the mayor's wife. The chorus was stupendous.

I thought the choreography left a little something to be desired (gee...can we do more than just box steps and grapevines, please?), but that's to be expected, I guess, when the choreographer is still in high school...

...there was only one sour note, one particular performance, but I won't say who it was, 'cause it's someone who I know reads my lj...suffice to say I've seen his/her performance too many times...he/she is the exact same every time they are on stage...there is never any differentiation between his/her characters. They always ring false. The person in question tends to "put on his/her acting voice" and never creates a real character. Saying your lines and doing the blocking is great, but it's not enough. You must believe your OWN performance before others can believe you. If you are just going through the motions, it can be seen from the audience. In fact, that night that I went, I observed people around me in the audience who were quite enthusiastically clapping actually STOP for a moment while he/she was bowing, since they apparently agreed with me that he/she didn't deserve the applause (I'd also stopped my hands for that moment).
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