Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
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Chicago Trip 3 of ?

On Saturday, we headed over to the convention center and I shopped around a little more that day...I got a bunch of my books signed that day: B. Clay Moore, creator of "Hawaiian Dick, Ryan Kelly, artist of "Local", (who did a wonderful "doodle" in my sketchbook of Megan, the lead character of "Local"), and had my DVDs of "Scary Godmother" signed by creator, Jill Thompson (who also gave me a sneak peak at her upcoming series/book, "Magic Trixie").

One note of schadenfreude that I quite enjoyed from the day: I was heading over to the DC "Final Crisis" which was preceded by the Todd McFarlane "tenth anniversary of Spawn" panel. I usually try to make it to a panel about a half-hour early so I can get a seat. Anyway, that particular Spawn panel was "ticketed only" which means that con attendants had to have a special ticket in order to get a seat (this is done rarely for panels to make sure that there are no riots for seats as there have been in the past). Anyway, despite this, the security let those of us in the hallway into the panel room...because the room was barely a sixth of the way filled!! Oh, how the mighty have fallen. They also ended up moving Todd from the big signing area near the fountain to the Wizard Booth on the main floor (way over in the corner...much smaller area!!).

From the DC panel: I'm probably most excited about the new Johnny DC "Supergirl" book that was announced. I'm also interested in finding out who the new ELEVEN characters in the Teen Titans line-up will be and seeing the Gail Simone Wonder Woman "Doomsday" style villain.

The other most interesting thing from that panel is when Mr. Didio referred to SuperBOY Prime and then said "we can SAY THAT again." (they must have finally settled with the Siegel family, though I can't find any reference to the final rulings anywhere).

From the Marvel "Secret Invasion" panel that followed: the most interesting thing had to be the "Evil Illuminati" series coming up (nicknamed "the Illuminaughty") the quick flashes they showed, I could only really identify Emma Frost, Namor, Dr. Doom, a FEMALE Loki, and two other characters I didn't recognize...

Both of the above panels began with the staff giving some form of memorial (Didio for DC/Bendis for Marvel) for Michael Turner, an artist who had died the night before. Turner was best known for creating "Witchblade" and "Fathom" (originally for Image/Top Cow and later for Aspen, his own studio) and also did work for the BIG TWO (most notably perhaps his work on "Identity Crisis" and the relaunch of the "Supergirl" character).

At Bendis' panel, he announced a "Powers" TV Pilot forthcoming (awesome, though I'm partial to Jinx and Goldfish) and that he would be starting a new "Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D." series after "Secret Invasion".

After the convention closed up for the day, Paul and I headed over to Denny's (this was actually a treat for us, since we haven't gone to the one in town in over a year) was also nice to not have a wait for a table (this was likely HELPED by the "Batman: Dark Knight" movie showing that night...holding up to 1500 people in the panel room.

...and this concludes the third part of this post!

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