Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

re: my computer

Hello everyone.

Sorry for not yet posting any updates about the Chicago trip. I'd like to do a proper update with pictures and such (I did post some to my myspace and facebook accounts though) with commentary.

I'd also like to tell the whole story with good linkage to all the cool books and creators.

I'll be attempting that shortly (I did take fairly good notes throughout the weekend).

For now, here's the situation. My poor computer basically decided to crap its pants. I'm in need of a new motherboard (I'm posting this from Paul's shiny laptop). We are awaiting shipment of same from along with a new tower and some fresh memory.

So, I'll be reading your entries from the laptop, but understand why I might seem to be lurking as much of my time will be spent in the next couple of weeks with reinstalling Windows and all of my most needed programs (Eudora, Firefox (and ALL my extensions, which I'll hopefully be able to back up onto Paul's computer before installing and losing them...especially all my bookmarks (which I thankfully backed up a couple of weeks ago before upgrading to Firefox 3), my MicroGravity newsreader (lord, will all my newsgroups pile up with binaries files while I'm off line!!), etc.)...
Tags: computers/computer_problems

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