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Awful, boring movie!

R.J. and I had made plans to go up to the comic shop in Glassboro to be followed by a trip to see one of three movies at the Ritz in Voorhees. We'd decided on one of three movies: "Camp", "The Swimming Pool" (both of which have gotten nice write ups in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly) and "Dirty Pretty Things" (which stars Audrey Tattou)...

...we'd decided that we wouldn't necessarily read the times, and just play it by ear and decide when we got there on whichever of the three was starting next...

...or at least that's how *I* understood the plans.

As we were walking in, we saw that it was 8:35 and that a movie called "Le Divorce" with *shudder* Naomi Watts and Katie frickin' Hudson was starting at 8:45 (never mind, apparently, that it wasn't one of the choices we'd discussed)...and "Camp" was going to be starting at 8:50 (that's really the one I most wanted to see!).

R.J. said that he'd heard good things about "Le Divorce". I told him that Entertainment Weekly gave it a "C" (I trust EW with my life...they're generally correct in their assessments)..that's not a good rating. It's fairly lukewarm. I saw that Glenn Close and Stockard Channing were listed as also being in the movie and decided that it was easier to relent and allow him to see the movie he wanted and I could suffer through the two main actresses for the sakes of Glenn and Stockard...

...then the credits began and I saw a most frightening site: a Merchant/Ivory film. UGH. They apparently did this movie, which takes place in modern times in Paris to prove that they aren't just the "period piece" people. They should stick to period pieces. They have no sense of how real people in real life in modern times react to things. There was not one genuine reaction from any one of the performers. They were all stilted and practiced and hollow.

Katie Hudson was a surprise to me in that she for once didn't just steal from her mother's bag of tricks. Naomi Watts is pretty but otherwise not worthy of being on a movie screen...she can't act.

The characters in this film are all made of cardboard. When they were in peril (and it's quite brief), I really didn't care.

I looked at my watch and realized in agony that I was going to still have to sit there for another 45 minutes (this was about an hour and fifteen minutes into the film).

Nothing really of import happens to these characters. The important stuff happens to other people. The brief glimpses of Glenn Close and Stockard Channing were not enough to make me enjoy this picture.

I would not recommend paying to see it either in the theatre or as a rental...thumbs down. On a scale of $0.00 to $8.00: $0.00.

(I'm planning on seeing "Camp" on Saturday and will let y'all know what I thought).
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