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Bulletproof Monk...

Paul, R.J., and I got to go to an insider screening for "Bulletproof Monk" today. It was a great movie based on a comic book considering that it, uhm, barely has anything to do with the characters in the book.

How the hell does that happen? If you (John Woo) wanted to make THIS movie, why did you need to "adapt" the comic book when all you were going to use were some of the basic settings and the main characters' name?

For instance, in the movie Kar takes a necklace from his girlfriend Jade. But, in the book, the necklace figures MUCH more into the plot and it is HIS to begin with.

Also, in the book, both Kar and Jade (called Flower in the book) are Asian...!
If you ignore the fact that this movie is completely different (!), it's actually pretty good as an old school martial arts action movie...
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