Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

LONG week and then some...

WHAT a LONG week (or so)...

Wylie, the manager at the FYE, has been off on vacation since LAST Thursday (he'll return in the morning), which left me in charge. Even more in charge than I'd planned since our District Manager was barely in touch (a good thing, actually) this week, having had a death of a friend of the family keeping him away...

...I mostly just worked, came home...collapsed, got up and went right back and started all over again this week. Not that much to post.

Paul and I DID, however, finally, this past Friday, get so see "Iron Man" (honestly, the first thing I've seen in an actual movie theatre in 2008) was pretty good. Worth seeing. I just wish people would learn not to bring babies to movies so their crying can disturb others.

Tonight, it's just "Doctor Who" with the gang (RJ, Jarvis, Kris, Heather, Paul and I) and then maybe a round of Wii Bowling or Golf...nothing special planned beyond that.

I'm just looking forward to Chicago in about six/seven weeks...YAY! Wizard World!

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