Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Madonna's Hard Candy...

Today at work, we got a "promo" copy of Madonna's Hard Candy CD, so I popped it in like a dutiful little homosexual.

Well, I loved Madonna in the old days. I haven't really enjoyed her music least "Ray of Light" which had a few bright spots but was so cold and generic. I've never cared for techno/club music and REALLY don't like hip-hop, so this album, at least to another failure. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who will enjoy it (Wylie, my manager, was bopping all around the store...but he's the gayest straight man I've ever known.)...just not me.

For me, Madonna's "Hard Candy" is a linty old butterscotch at the bottom of her old lady purse.
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