Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Paul back in the hospital!!

At about 4:45am yesterday morning, Paul woke me up complaining of chest pains. He'd been suffering from them since 2am and they were now traveling into his left arm and accompanied by feelings of nausea. I quickly jumped into clothes, grabbed my wallet, keys, ipod, copy of our respective P.O.A.s, our marriage license and his card that shows he's got the charity care at the hospital.

We were immediately taken into the emergency room and he was given an X-ray, an EKG and later a CT-scan. When they'd stabilized his blood pressure, they administered nitro glicerine to him and the pain started to subside. They placed him in a room down in clinical observation. He's also since gotten a sonogram. After I had to leave for work (after going home to shower/change into uniform/grab his laptop/ipod/robe for him), he was finally moved into a regular room (460): 1-856-641-8460 is the direct line to his room.

This morning, he was given a stress test and a second one (or the second half of this one) will be given to him. He'll AT LEAST be spending tonight in the hospital and we don't know about tomorrow night. Depends on the results of the stress test.

NONE of the tests show anything wrong with his heart (though he is being monitored for anomalies). It is possible that this is simply a fluke caused by deferred pain from his abdomen while he is healing up from the surgery a couple of weeks ago.

I'll keep everyone up to date as soon as *I* know anything...

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